Amalekites & Israelites

Facing and Winning Life’s Battles – Exodus 16 – 18

SEEK GOD FIRST: pray and talk to God first concerning your battles, take the battle to Him so you He will guide you. Isaiah 30:21 “…you will hear a word from behind saying this is the way..”, God will give you instructions concerning that battle, which takes us to the next step

OBEY: if you want to win any battle in life you must obey God, every instruction count, especially after you have prayed, be ready to do what God told you to do. There is no 2 way about this; Obedience is key if you want to win

FIGHT TOGETHER: see when God place certain people to be around you its for a purpose, it could be for a time as this, He will reveal them to you, this is because there are some battles you don’t fight alone you require the prayers of others; prayer warriors, spiritual leader, prayer partners, intercessors.. however choose your warriors following God’s leading. Exodus 17: 10 – 13

GLORIFY GOD: you must remember not to take the glory for thyself; Victory belongs to God. Set aside a place of worship, (this could be a corner in your bedroom or your living area) Exodus 17: 15-16. Also, we must testify to this victory by sharing our testimonies, let others see what God has done for you, it can help build their faith as well.

Thanks for reading today’s story, I hope you were blessed!

As always feel free to share your thoughts on this in the comments section, looking forward to reading someone’s testimony as well 🙂

Remain Blessed!!


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  1. Samuel says:

    The Amaleks vs Isrealites, quiet interesting more like a Esau Vs Jacob fight. Well back to the main theme ; facing and winning life’s battle just like you have rightly stated, we need to seek God first and it comes in all areas of our life before making a decision and when we get an answer we are to act. E.g David prayed to know God’s heart if he will recover all that was lost. Moses said (ex 17 vs 9) ” …. I will stand on the top of the hill with THE ROD OF GOD in mine hand” he indeed involved God in the battle, With Joshua Obeying in vs 10 and the result was victorious. I might have repeated all you wrote but thanks for opening my eyes to see how God was involved in the battle . Nice write up can’t wait to read many more. God bless you. Okay wait. Moses really tried with the lifting of hands though. I mean, the last punishment I had in junior secondary school before it was destroyed with bombs ( CDSS IKEJA) I can never forget and hated was raising my hands for like an hour plus the pain involved OMG !!! I can’t even imagine the pain he went through to do a whole day. Well that was also a sacrifice Moses had to make, even though God will win the battle, one has to be prepared to sacrifice something, a Sacrifice can be great or small …. ok bye lol welcome back

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  2. lolaige1 says:

    🙏 thanks Samuel for your comment especially that you mentioned “even though God has to win the battle one has to be prepared to sacrifice something”

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Awesome discussion


    1. lolaige1 says:

      Thank you 😊


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