Don’t Waste your Energy

Stop complaining pray instead, and don’t stop till something is done and when something is done don’t stop praying still, there is an adage in Yoruba language (one of Nigeria Languages) that translates ‘good things requires prayers, bad things also requires prayers’.

Sometimes in life we are tempted to channel our energy to worrying so much about things we don’t have or things that seem not to be working as planned, as a matter of fact worrying never make you feel better, it just makes you feel sick, look older, it could also lead to depression (yes worry doesn’t lead to anything good). Worries over delays, no employment, children misbehaving, sickness, business…….and anything else, there is a way out which is talking to God in prayers, He will give you peace (John 14:27), you know if you believe you can receive all you ever need by asking (Matthew 7:7-11). We worry sometimes over things that are not God’s plan for us or not yet his time, we need to trust God in times like this and allow him to give us the best at His own time. 

Whenever you are tempted to worry, Pray to God, Praise God and Trust God

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