Absolute Craziness

Lets just go straight to the point of this absolute craziness – yea it is crazy to claim a child of God and still be the reason why unbelievers  will not give their life to God. This write-up is not to accuse anyone, it is to seat us up as Christians that we are, it is really painful when you preach to an unbeliever and their first or common excuse is because they have met one two people who claim to be Christians but they seem to be worse than others who are not Christians.

I have encountered this not once or twice now, I preached to few people about Christ, but I hear stories like ” I had a friend who was a devoted Christian but she was never forgiving and was always bitter….” or ” My ex-husband was a Christian also from a Christian background but he was violent towards me…”

A Christian who is always the first to pick up a fight, to lie, quick to be violent,…. What then are we preaching, when we also use words that are not graceful (Ephesians 4:29). The bible says in Proverbs 21:23 – He who guards his mouth and his tongue guards himself from troubles.

The truth is people are not just going to read the Bible before reading us, we have to give  them a reason to read the Bible and draw closer to God.

Thanks for reading!! Seee you in 2018 Peeps, with more inspiration, watch out for this space.

#shortandsimple #peoplearewatching #buckleup #guardyourtongue

Lola Ige

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  1. Igbekele says:

    Looking unto Jesus the alpha and omega of our Christian life, those profess to be Christian and do contrary fail to look at him and those looking at men fail to look at him, these should be Balanced

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