Spiritual Starvation – Part 2


Spiritual Deafness – when you have starved your spirit self, you no longer hear God speak, you no longer know what HE is saying, and this does not matter if God sends to you servants of God ( like your pastor, prayer partner, e.t.c.), you would still not hear anything because spirit man is gone. What happens when one is physically deaf, they do not hear what you have to tell them, no matter how hard you demonstrate (even with demonstrating so hard there is tendency for misunderstanding) except you learn how to communicate with them in their own language.

Spiritual Blindness with this one you can not see, which will affect your decision making and what you consume as a christian (you will swallow almost everything even poison), you will see nothing wrong in almost everything (if not everything). As a child of God, He will show you himself in so many ways, so that you can experience Him in different ways, but if you can’t see, how do you see God. If you are also in the darkness of life you won’t be able to tell because every thing is dark to you. You need your inner eyes in your relationship with God, you need it to mature and to discern.

Spiritually Crippled  how do you reach destiny and fulfill purpose with broken legs?, you are only going to be at a spot spiritually, mind you what happens in the physical is as a result of what goes on in the spiritual. You need your legs to stand upright and to keep moving. If a crippled person races with someone not crippled, I bet you know the one with the complete body will win. Then physically, someone who has been destined to reach his/her life purpose in 2 years will still be at the same spot after 10 years, this is no joke at all, it happens. May you never experience such I pray in Jesus Name.

It is dangerous to starve yourself spiritually, you need to feed yourself with nourishing foods!

Stay Blessed


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