How much exposure should you give a child growing up? This question I can’t answer right now too, but with what people think around us  (plus my experience too), we should be able to derive at a conclusion.

But I noticed that  exposing a child too much could be dangerous as well as giving a child not a enough exposure. Some parents believe that locking up their children up in the house and opening it only when they need to go to school or go to church, will keep them the  from falling into the wrong hands, making bad friends, or even making mistakes at their tender age, and that’s why they think of a private university as a way to cage them while they are not in school with them.

However, there are also some parents who exposes their children so much, that its only God who can make them discern evil from good. These kind of parents are the ones who can afford private university, but will never send their children to any because they think it will not provide as much exposure.

Well, I do think it depends on what kind of exposure you give to a child, you can expose a child to socialize with children in the neighbourhood, and still inculcate in them values that can help them know, who to be with, where to be, what is to be done at times when they are alone. Growing up from a large family, I discovered that each child is brought up differently; you don’t raise all of them using the same approach, because they are all different so are the years they grow. I have a sister that is 8 years older than I am, and there is certainly no way my parents could have used same approach to raise us, actually what and where was safe in those days became unsafe at the years they had to raise me, due to changes in our economy exposure.

I know, there could be lots more to write on this topic, but I decided to keep it as short as it is. So the comment box is open to you, for you to send your thoughts on this.

Love you all and thanks for reading.

Stay blessed!

Lola Ige



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  1. Igbekele says:

    You made a solid point which is children aren’t the same & i agree. In fact there’s no place called safe even for adult, should we talk about the cartoons, internet, radio e.t.c
    I want to say let parent lead by example, be the loudest voice in their ears & trust God for them

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  2. Samuel Asiyanbi says:

    This Topic is HUGE and no conclusions can be be perfect or near perfect as to if exposing the child is good or not . they both have their good sides and their bad sides ,I wouldn’t want to go deep in to that so as to not write something too long to read cos I really have a lot in my mind. But if I am to choose I would say exposing the kid at the early stage is the way to go cos like it or not it would affect the way the kid relates with the society in the nearest future especially when one is too old to be protecting them. Just like God left Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden with the freedom to choose good or bad after telling them the consequences of eating the forbidden fruit life. Which they later ate from the fruit . I feel as long as you bring up your child in the way of the Lord show he/she the right path the choice is still the kid’s to make so at the end of it all Only prayers to God to capture the heart of the child and of cause not giving up in encouragement and things of God can help shape the child , We should always remember we are Humans Hence we have the power to choose right or wrong so exposure or not doesn’t guarantee the child will be of God’s


    1. lolaige1 says:

      i always love your comments, thank you and God bless. Decision is left to us to make, with or without exposure. it is huge indeed!


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