Spiritual Starvation

One afternoon I was feeling so tired that I could not even pray as vibrant as I wanted (oh yes! that bad), so I decided to get some food to eat, after eating, I continued my prayer and gradually my strength increased. Then I was made to understand in my spirit that, there is also spiritual starvation, immediately I got a pen and started writing…

In what ways do we starve our spirit man?

  • When our prayer life is feeble: prayer is a form of communication that helps establish a personal relationship between us and God. This is where you worship God, give Him thanks, make your request known, seek His face concerning the issues of life and also speak to God. Prayer is a place you spend time alone with God, even Jesus demonstrated spending time with God in prayers (Matthew 14:23, Mark 6:46, Luke 6:12) . Prayer releases heaven to open (Luke 3:21). When we go to God in Prayer, we are allowing God to deposit something (power, anointing, visions,..) in us. When we stop being fervent in this aspect, our spirit man gradually begins to die and the only way out is the intervention of the Holy Spirit. ALWAYS keep the fire burning!
  • When we stop fasting: well fasting is not a compulsory thing but it is important, it quickens the spirit man too. Fasting is refraining from food (it could be just a particular meal or changing diet like eating only vegetables), sex, activities and so on. As long as you are aiming at disciplining the flesh and quickening the spirit.
  • When there is no more studying & meditating on the word of God: when God says He honours His word more than His name (Psalm 138:2), well that is placing a high value on His Word. Through the Bible you can know God Himself (John 1:1) and we experience Him in His Word. By studying the word of God, we begin to know the mind of Christ, our inner mind is renewed and transformed by understanding this Word, and the application of the Word is Wisdom. Even our eyes is open to see what is right from what is wrong. Meditating on the word of God should be practised often, meditate on it day and night (psalm 119:48) and your spirit man will never stop burning for Him.

All of the above practices nourishes us spiritually, even as we feed our body with healthy food, to avoid sickness that could lead to death, it is the same way spiritual starvation could lead to spiritual illness, that causes a spirit life to die. Stop Starving!

Oh wow! lets stop there for now, I realized this inspiration is deeper than ‘Thoughts’

I will really love to read your comment on this as well as see your likes. Thanks for reading.

Lola Ige

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  1. Igbekele says:

    Lol, thanks for giving me a sermon i will add some salt & maggi and present


    1. lolaige1 says:

      haha you are welcome!


  2. Samuel Asiyanbi says:

    Spiritual Starvation … Hmmm There is truly Spiritual Starvation I Remember when I was just beginning to go to the Mountains( Ori-Oke) for days I can testify to being sound in pray warfare but months after descending from the Mountain i discovered ‘Mans Not Hot’ Hmm what could be the problem ? Well on the Mountain my phone was always switched off twas only on when I was taking a rest, I was on consistent prayer i was always reading my bible no distraction Does this mean Technology is bad? Or can it be because I have to wake up early to work that I dont read my Bible and have enough time to pray? let me answer the question myself the Nigerian way. don’t you have Bible app on your phone ?, what stops you from praying within your heart?. well i have learned from that self thought and improved but then even the Technology i am condemning why don’t we read Christian Journals or some sort of publications on them and desist from unnecessary distraction ( we too like Amebo SMH such a typical time waster by amebo I mean Social Media)

    I might have deviated a bit sorry well , just have you have pointed out Spiritual Starvation is by not feeding ourselves with the word of God and with that our Christ life is Malnourished and Can lead to unknown disaster which might further lead us astray from God on making this comment Job in the bible came to Mind if he wasn’t vibrant in the lord even with God purposely allowing what happened to him to Happen he probably would have faltered and gone against God {kai Job na Strong man o } Even Solomon had to pray to God against such (Prov 30 ;9)
    We should always pray for the holy spirit to be in us always with that I feel we would achieve alot in our spiritual life of cause to keep him with us we should always feed ourselves with Gods word by praying, reading his book … etc to add to your bible reference I will add 1peter 2 vs 2 .
    i have to sleep now goodnight

    Liked by 1 person

  3. lolaige1 says:

    oh wow! i love love your thought on this and i agree with you totally especially the aspect of wasting time on social media, it is becoming an issue ( u no go know when you go spend 3 hours watching other peoples lives). please allow me to share your comment on Instagram beeko let others benefit.
    Thanks brotherly


  4. Funmilayo Ige-olumidee says:

    Sister thanks for sharing this message

    It is really healing alot of people
    Great job
    More Grace
    Gods wisdom

    In Jesus name
    God bless you
    I 😗you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lolaige1 says:

      Amen. thank you dear, we bless God

      Liked by 1 person

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