Financial Pressure

It is really common these days when parents or family put pressure on a single Lady or Man that is yet to be married, at that point not everyone sees if you are ready in all aspects, for example a single man at the age of 38/40 that is not married, not working (like no job whatsoever), still living at his parents, yet gets pressure to bring a wife home. Like seriously! Well marital pressure is not the only pressure one can get, how about financial pressure?

Yes Financial Pressure, you know when you are expected to be driving a car already because you got a new job 4 to 6 months ago, when you are expected to send a certain percent of your income home because you managed to get a place of your own without sharing or anybody’s support, when you are titled the most selfish person in the house because you managed to put on clothes and then take photo with the perfect filter, then it look like you have changed your wardrobe, without sending any to family, yea that is the pressure.

Also it baffles me when everyone suddenly begins to think you have some money kept somewhere because you are pulling through on your own without asking for help financially. This pressure does not only come from family, friends too can put this pressure on you.

Honestly! if you have the money please share with your family and friends, after all they must have invested so much in you to be who you are now, so appreciate them with your money too.

So, do you stop taking nice photos, or start asking for financial help up and down! What ever you decide  to do I doff my hat for everyone going through this kind of pressure.

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Lola Ige.

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  1. Samuel Ayomipo says:

    Hmm Financial Pressure I see it as just a problem we humans put on ourselves but really it’s deeper than just what the eyes can see or what the ears hear +people judging other people’s pocket size by pictures or dressing have definitely not seen 2nd hand clothings that are sold as cheap as 100naira that when a person used to buying them washes and iron them look good in it (e.g my barber ) another example is hair ( Darling Yaki vs Brazilian hair ….. Many of we Men don’t know the difference just look good dtz all ) in other words all na packaging 😂. That someone has a job doesn’t mean the person is financially stable considering transportation,feeding ,unforseen issues e.t.c . All in all Financial Pressure is real and broad and of cause deeper than what the eyes can see and because of it there’s depression it’s really a broad topic …….. Biko it’s midnight good night


    1. lolaige1 says:

      Samuel, I absolutely agree with you, financial pressure is super deep and the real struggle is unseen like the case of your barber (lol..) and the case of Darling Yaki that one can transform into looking like Brazilian hair and still gets pressure from people that she is definitely got money… is deep.
      Thanks for your comment it is definitely a piece to learn from.


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