Welcome to a new episode on ‘THOUGHTS’. If you check the Urban Dictionary of what wife is it will tell you; “a wife is that woman you are interested in spending the rest of your life with, the one you see as the most beautiful..” Well with this definition of a wife it is clear that not every one/man knows the definition of a wife before they find one. This write-up is not to say what men don’t know about Wives, it is to help wives know what they need to know about themselves, what it means to be a wife, what the society and Bible says about a wife. singles are welcome to read as well, because it is important to know what you might be getting into very soon.

According to Ja A. Jahannes “unless we know ourselves, we run the danger of destroying ourselves” Knowing who you are alone, helps you to build confidence and strength.

A Wife is a help meet: God who created heaven, earth and then man saw that a man is lonely without a woman and will need help that only a woman can render, because out of all the animals and beautiful creatures created by God, non of them could help meet Adam’s needs, except a WOMAN. You are your husband’s help meet. A lot of women can’t help people around them let alone their husband. Be a helper today.

A Wife is a Beautifier: yes you are, your beauty was not given to you by God for nothing, the Bible sees a woman as the desire of the eyes, as a wife your presence is surrounded with beauty use it wisely. We have a way of beautifying everywhere we find ourselves, it is a natural gift from God.

A Wife is Wisdom: this is my favourite. the Bible explained this to us by describing wisdom as a woman. He has deposited into us this special and uncommon virtue. In our society and world at large, most men ask for their wives opinion before they make a decision, even certain decision about the home is left to the wife to make. The Proverbs says so much about this, as Wisdom that you are, you are expected to build your home, you are expected to help your husband make the right plan, and decision for your home. If a man is ready to listen to his wife and not see her as an object to fulfill only his selfish desires he will gain a lot.

We can go on and on with the this interesting topic, however, please feel free to share your thoughts on this.

Thank you for reading 😉

Lola Ige



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